What we do

Style and Performance is an Italian company specialized in special parts production for bikes and bikes customizing, actually with special parts of our production. In these pages we want to welcome you in our workshop and show what we can do for you and your bike.


Our machine shop is equipped with advanced equipment for numerically controlled production of components and accessories that enhance the performance and aesthetics of various motorcycle models. Some typical applications are:

  • Steering stem
  • Radial fork
  • Rearsets
  • Caliper Brackets

We follow firsthand every stage of the design and production of our components and accessories. In the case of applications 'bespoke' we are confronted with the customer to understand and implement all the necessary specifications. We can also, thanks to decades of experience to meet a variety of requirements, in terms of creating new components or accessories needed to adapt to different motorcycle parts between them.

Bike customization

As for our bike shop we are able to operate any type of change to the motion on the recommendation of our customers, from the mundane to the customization of the radical middle with even radical changes to the chassis and mechanics. In addition to the preparation of the motion of our customers we venture with passion in the creation of motion 'special' upsetting the chassis and mechanics.